Matthias Büchse

, Computer Scientist, Dr. rer. nat.

I like to couple theory and application for their mutual benefit, which I set out to do with my PhD thesis. I code in C, C++, Java, Python, and Haskell. I use Latex, git, and GNU/Linux.

I'm on LinkedIn and on XING.


Have a look at my GitHub profile (currently, toy projects only).

I was responsible for the development of Vanda (Haskell) and Vanda Studio (Java) from their inception until I quit university in 2014.

Academic career and oeuvre (2008–2014)

Check out my dissertation! It is meticulously crafted (of which I am still proud), yet utterly futile. As for my publications, I recently decided to move the list to a separate page. Not that these publications ever were particularly relevant to begin with. I was a course assistant in 13 courses (including tutorials, lab work, and seminars) on the topics of programming languages, tree automata, and natural-language processing. I supervised 7 master/diploma theses.


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